One step forward

by alexoualexou

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Debut album of alexoualexou, which includes 11 tracks of ambient pop, that gives an atmospheric aura. All tracks are voiced by virtual singer software.


released August 8, 2016

Music producer : alexoualexou
Cover art director : VM
Photos : Adobe Stock



all rights reserved


alexoualexou Paris, France

Self-taught digital music producer, alexoualexou has been starting his music journey on a computer since many years.

He has grown up with video games, anime and western pop/rock music.

With his tracker DAW, he uses virtual singer software to create ambient pop songs and experiments many other things.
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Track Name: Droit devant
I feel troubled
There are too many things to do
I know I have to hurry
I am standing here
You helped me realize
I can't give up
If there's no fog anymore
I'll open my eyes

Now I [can see what is beyond
this never-ending path
And it's already time
To say goodbye
But we'll meet again someday
As an old friend told me
Je n'ai qu'à regarder droit devant
I will chase tomorrow
When I'm done
With what I'm doing now]

Track Name: And it's yet to be defined
We've been walking for years together
And our bonds are stronger
But sometimes seem so fragile

[I can never feel alright
When you're far away from me
I want mornings to be bright
I wanna feel your light
Sometimes you seem so empty
At home you take it easy]
I think there's something that's not right

And it's yet to be defined
For today and tomorrow
Don't take everything for granted
We'll find ways so we be fine
And I will still enjoy days by your side

Seasons do not affect the way
You, look at me, your bright smile
Keeps me always addicted

I think something's not right
But things will be alright

And it's yet to be defined
for today and tomorrow
don't take everything for granted
we'll find ways so we be fine fine fine
I will enjoy days by your side
Track Name: The second time
The first day after you told me these things
I didn't speak, I only recalled you closed the door
The house was losing its warm atmosphere
And I wondered why you left me alone
Without notice

You didn't care about my feelings
You just dumped me
I walked in the streets
I was not thinking clear, hardly changing my mind

The places we used to go together lost their colors
Disappearing in the dark

Chorus :
[Very slowly, I'm trying to stand by myself
Looking for a new place to rest
But it's no use cause I'll
Never find you anywhere
Now that everything is broken
There's nothing to repair anymore
I just can't stop this pain
So I'll walk alone ‘till the end]

The last day, before you took your last breath
We met again, you finally told me all the truth
Your curse made, you so much pain to endure
You broke away, so that you were not a
Burden for me

The second time this story ended
Was so painful, and all that time
I didn't look at you, only watching myself

I don't know how to start over
I think I will stay now, In the darkness forever

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Surrounded (soap bubble)
Surrounded, by events I can't understand
By people not understanding me
I chose to shut myself

So blinded, by feelings I can't control
By words I cannot say at all

[Like soap bubble in the air
Given an infinite freedom
Reflecting what's all around
We can see so many colors
But if you touch it
You're breaking apart
You're breaking apart, this fragile life]

Unable, to befriend with anybody
To give love to someone who may have
Any feelings for me

This cycle, is bothering me by purpose
I might never get out of it if
I'm this paranoid


Feeling surrounded
By things I don't even know
Can be so harmful
Every bubble's getting shattered looking for
A new beginning

Track Name: Je ne ressens plus rien
La vue reste la même, une vague d'étoiles
Déferle sans cesse au travers de ma fenêtre

Le vide prend place, depuis que mon monde
S'est effondré en tas de poussière

Chorus :
[Je pourrais dire que mon cœur saigne
Je voudrais encore vous serrer contre moi
Mais ce n'est qu'un rêve
Et aujourd'hui je vais]
Fermer les yeux

Ma destination, suit le temps qui passe
Elle ne prendra pas de sens sans direction

Personne à la barre, trouverai-je un jour
L'endroit de mon ultime salut

Fermer les yeux

Dire que je ne ressens plus rien
Track Name: Light feather
Every day is like running in circles
I wonder if I took the right choices in my life
And I look through the window of my daily train
I'm spending my time watching the sky

[I dream I'm a small and light feather,
Flying where the wind blows, nothing is material
Forget everything about the past
When this one-way trip ends]
I should know more, about myself

So the next months, nothing has really changed
I live every single day imprisoned
The atmosphere is cold I am so desperate
Will somebody come and rescue me?

I should know more, about myself

Staying like this, so passive, won't ever change anything
Fleeing reality is meaningless
This light feather will not shock the world
Now I think that
I should try to face the real world instead
I want to retrieve my life

I should know more, still
I will take over my old self, myself
Track Name: Randomized minds
Lying on the floor, raising my hand to the roof
I've been staying like this for long
Suddenly my arm hurts, so I'm sitting down
Watching the wind, blowing the curtain

I'm turning the lights on
Stars are moving through the room
I feel I am somewhere else
So please take my hand and let's stay close together
And we start spinning around

[We're leaving for a ride, oh please tell me how you feel
It's just started, there's nothing to fear at all
Describe all the colors, from the river of our minds
Oh it's so puzzled, can you sort a thing?
Would you please pick a new one?]

I just closed my eyes, in the middle of the trees
Avoiding to knock myself out
And it's really dark outside, guess I lost the game
I raise my arms, my arms to the sky
Somehow I don't feel lost, I will follow the moonlight
Be going through this big forest
I will be back alright, if I know where I am next time
You wanna play with me


No end to this fantasy, it's always another thing
All these random thoughts might cease
If you turn off the machine
We had fun together, but now I must let you live
The life you always really wish
This is our goodbye but please never forget about me
Now I will play alone

I'm leaving for a ride, oh I'll tell you how I feel
It's just started, there's nothing to fear at all
Describe all the colors, that I leave to you tonight
Now everything's clear, no need to sort a thing
Life's taking another path
Life's taking another path
Life's taking another path
Track Name: Sailing, seeking and suffering
Leaving on a never-ending journey
To find a treasure that only I know its existence
Exploring all the edges of the world
I have so little clues but I cannot give up
(not give up)

[So many miles, across so many places
Sometimes I wonder if I know what I'm really
Looking for, looking for
So many tears, shed from my sleepy eyes
And I don’t know where my home is
I left it a long time ago]

[Under this sky filled with clouds I feel so little
And nobody can see how I'm not alright
Not alright, and I shout so my voice reaches me
Spread out and resonate through the seas]

Despite my loneliness I still live
Precious memories of people I met in the way
I'm sure that my journey will never end
So I get on my boat and sail to unknown seas
(unknown seas)

[Chorus x2]
And the day I find what really matters to me
I will hang on to this ray of hope
Treasure it for the rest of my life
Track Name: One step forward
Summer light goes through the city, shining
On everyone's hopes to fulfill, their unreachable dreams
I try to find my place in this new world
All I knew was emptiness and unfortunate days
I don't know if it's worthy to go on
If I don't take this chance now
I wanna try to change myself
For that I might sacrifice many things
What will be left of me when you had already gone away

[Everywhere I go I'm still facing your shadow
Hurting me inside, the time has stopped
I'm not alright, please let my heart fall in love again
And I know the cure is deep inside me
Will I be guilty if I take it?
But you are not here to answer me, feelings evolve slowly]

I am slowly trying to break my shell
So I can open feelings I shut down long ago
I know living is new discoveries
That can make us much better
I wanna try to change myself
My dream was to share with someone I love
But now I am still missing something
Taking long to come back


I knew it would be hard to move
It was not supposed to be that much
Sometimes I think it's impossible
And if I just make one step forward
It would mean I grow up a little
I'll finally watch the light and the hope
Which was waiting for me for so long

Track Name: Passengers
Sky looks like, we live inside a painting
It feels so strange to see this face
After this many years
Tu passais, en traversant la grande forêt
Et aujourd'hui, on a compris
Que tout s'est effacé

Chorus :
[We are passengers renting this place, yeah
We are stopping by for a little while
Nous sommes des passagers de ce train quotidien
Qui nous emmène loin de nos passés]

L'endroit de mon enfance a tout changé
Et nous aussi, on a grandi sans compter les années
Can't avoid regrets we gotta still walk forward
At the end of the path we'll be flying over there


I didn't forget times we spent together
Everything evolved soon we'll pass our turn
We sure gonna cry when comes our very end
Please never forget about us, you will keep your promise
It's time to say goodbye so we'll walk away
And disappear, and disappear, disappear
(disparais, disparais)

Track Name: Falling snow
Many stars are travelling across the universe
To find a place to be reborn
To life, discover, sharing and learning
And try to live with each other, together

Was a cold winter, sky covered in white
Stars were falling and I was watching the scene

When suddenly I heard something fall
Somewhere near the potato field

When I was getting closer it was getting warmer
And the light seemed to embrace me
Then I saw it was a little star

It began to tell me its story
It was supposed to land into a new soul

But it lost control when arriving
The crash made it wouldn't last very longer

Before disappearing, said it was happy
To have met me before dying out

When the sky went dark, was alone again
I didn't know what to do
Tears would never stop
But I knew I would never forget this instant

Many years later, I came back near the potato field
A little boy was holding my hand
It was warm like the one, I felt long time ago
In a night of falling snow